Concrete Cutting and Coring Services

Concrete Cutting - Slab Sawing

Concrete Slab Saw

Slab Sawing is a quick, safe method of cutting a concrete slab or asphalt and overlay. Using electric, gas or diesel equipment cuts can be made up to 15" deep. By using a slab saw, you can eliminate the need for a jackhammer which greatly reduces dust and allows for easy removal and clean-up. Additionally, slab sawing produces straight and clean edges which are ideal for curb removal, street widening, trenches and slab repair.

Concrete Cutting - Wall Sawing

Concrete Wall Saw

Wall sawing is the best way to cut through concrete walls up to 21" thick. With this method we can cut a doorway, window, or any opening into concrete. Wall Sawing is done with a hydraulically powered unit and can be done without affecting the structural integrity of the concrete so that you now can undertake renovations that previously could not have been considered.

Concrete Cutting - Diamond Wire Sawing 

Concrete Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Sawing is capable of cutting all sizes and shapes of opening. Capabilities of wire sawing include flexible, versatile and clean cuts while producing no vibration and little noise. It is good for anything from round holes, pump bases (any size or shape), free standing columns or entire structures. It does this by using a multi-strand, continuous-loop wire with diamond beads to cut through any concrete structure, even if it's under water. If your project calls for speed, precision, versatility and efficiency, then the Diamond Wire Saw is a good choice.

Concrete Coring 

Concrete Coring

Coring is the right choice for mechanical and electrical renovations. It is a fast and easy method of drilling round holes through concrete, even if it contains rebar. Holes, varying from 1/2" to 50" (up to 125 cm) diameters at unlimited depths, can be drilled at any location using electric, pneumatic or hydraulic equipment. Anchoring, conduit, piping and dryer vents that were not originally planned for can be easily and quickly added to any location.

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